Project Description

Designed by
The Minuteman Longwood Digital Agency

Physician’s Weight Loss Website

The Physicians Weight loss company is known for their medical weight-loss treatments and is a franchise operated establishment that has owners across the country.

The Challenge

When the owners of the Orlando Location contacted us to upgrade their website we were happy to help. Although the owners of the Orlando location had originally created their own website to give their prospects a visual that represented their company outside of the corporate website, they knew that the visual that had been created was not a great representation of the highly skilled service providers that they were.

The problem with Physician Weight loss’s previous website was enormous. They had a website that was not mobile responsive, did not represent their branding, did not direct customers on how or why they should contact them, and finally, was not appealing to modern day website viewers.

Solution: Brand Transformation

Tackling the redesign of the Physicians Weight loss website led Minuteman Press Longwood to the redesigning of many of their outdated marketing collateral. This task was headed up by our design team, who researched other competing companies and industry design trends to bring them the most beneficial design solution. Our designers and developers had to push to complete the following tasks:

  1. Create a mobile responsive website that is easy to navigate
  2. Create a website that highlights all areas of services and products
  3. Create a website that had direct call to actions (CTA’s) on each page for the client
  4. Increase the websites service pages to detail which service would be most beneficial to clients
  5. Create appealing Marketing Collateral that tied into the company’s new branding vision

Website Design

We created a website that was mobile responsive and easy to navigate. The new website represent their branding and provide unique content to direct customers on how or why they should contact the clinic.


After creating the new branding collateral (or marketing materials that include, business cards, posters, trifold brochures, and postcards) our designers began the mock up and design of Physicians Weightloss Orlando’s brand-new website. The design process incorporated items that were found during the initial research phase and implemented different scientific design structure knowledge directly into the website design (There is a science to good design, after all). What can be viewed now is an intentional design that showcases the areas of service that Physicians Weightloss offers and Call to actions that encourage website viewers to act.

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