Specialty Printing and Finishing

Artisan Quality

From Our Hands to Yours 

Consider the final touch that makes your piece stand out. After we design and print your marketing materials, the fun has just begun!

Before we deliver your final product, our skilled staff will make sure to put all of the finishing touches on your pieces. Our professional finishing services include everything from bindery and laminating to cutting, stapling and folding. No matter what you need for your custom orders, your local center will make sure we provide your business with professionally finished products that look and function exactly how you want. At Minuteman Press Longwood we pride ourselves in our specialized in-house finishing options.


 Raise the Level of Your Printed Products

Embossing is used to add elegance and depth to business cards, presentation folders, mailings, envelopes, invitations, letterheads, rack cards, and any printed pieces where you want to add that extra personal touch. Our professional custom embossing services will “raise the level” of your printed pieces to help your brand stand out.

Embossing enables you to highlight important elements of your printed products, such as letters (company name) and designs (your corporate logo) with unmatched elegance. Embossing combined with foil stamping creates the effect of a 3-D image on printed paper that practically pops off the page.

We offer professional custom embossing services that you will make you excited about handing out or displaying your presentation folders, business cards, trade show packets, press kits, rack cards, and other printed pieces. Your clients will be impressed by the extra effort you put into showcasing your brand identity, and you will leave a lasting impression simply by adding a little embossing to your finished products.

Foil Stamping

From Our Hands to Yours 

Foil stamping is a proven way to add class and draw attention to business cards, presentation folders, information packages, invitations, letterhead, and any printed pieces where you want to add that extra eye-catching personal touch. Our custom foil stamping services will help you shine.

No matter which type of foil is used on your printed order, the two major benefits of utilizing our custom foil stamping services are the same:

  • Creating an eye-catching piece that adds attention-grabbing elegance to your piece

  • Generating higher interest in your brand by making your printed materials stand out.

Add a personal touch such as foil stamping to your business cards, presentation folders, letterhead or invitations, and your customers will appreciate your attention to fine details. This will enhance your brand identity and ensure your printed materials make a memorable impression.