Project Description

Norah By Earth Branding

Norah By Earth provide a naturally-derived, cruelty-free formula to restore dog’s coat. The company provide medicated dog shampoo, conditioner, and spray to treat dog skin conditions including hotspot, itchy skin, allergies, and more. 

The Challenge

The Norah By Earth company came to Minuteman Press Longwood with a simple request, “Make us look good so that we can compete with those around us when we launch!”. The owners had already contracted someone to create their logo but were struggling with other parts of their marketing. There were portions of the Logo coloring that was not printing well on their labels, they paid a popular hosting company (Godaddy) to build their website but were unsure of how to move forward because they did not feel they had the support that they personally wanted to complete the project, and things seemed to be in a delayed state for them.

The company had entered a stage of frustration instead of having the excitement to build their business, as they once had. They needed an eCommerce website solution that worked well with their banking system and that was equipped with shipping integration from their carrier service. They also needed full-on branding and marketing collateral to use as they marketed their company.

Solution: Brand Transformation

To assist the Norah By Earth team we staged a kick-off meeting that would jump-start their excitement again for their business. We covered the areas of their business that they wanted to highlight and their USP (Unique Selling Propositions), or the things that make their products unique from others doing the same thing. One quick meeting with their owners (both in the U.S. and abroad) showed us exactly how they wanted to be viewed by customers. We were tasked to do the following:

  1. Create a mobile responsive eCommerce website that is easy to navigate and highlighted the fun of the company
  2. Create a marketing collateral or material that matched the current logo and vision of the brand (Business Cards, Stickers, Posters, Brochures, and more).
  3. Create a Social Media presence online that was consistent with the company’s other marketing channels and branding

Our goal was to create a brand that connected with the target customers, also created a happy space for customers and dog enthusiasts.

Website Design

We highlighted the main products that Norah By Earth is promoting using a custom eCommerce website that is both unique and easy to navigate.

Norah By Earth Website Design | MMP Longwood

Brochure Design

We created clean, and detailed brochures for client to share during different events and meetings. Each brochure is incorporating great designs and excellent  images highlighting the main products.

Norah Trifold | Branding and Printing Services | MMP Longwood


The Norah website launched in July of 2017, delivering a bright environment for potential customers to learn about the benefits of the product for their pet(s). Their marketing collateral, website, & business cards all married together to form the look of a well-established company entering the US market. On the website our team drew up content to highlight the story of Norah and why the product was formed, after having interviewed the company’s owner. In summary, the brand utilized already existing color themes and developed an even stronger branding presence, while incorporating all types of dogs to encourage the main thought that the product suits all dogs in need alike.

More Samples

Norah | Branding Packages | MMP Longwood