Project Description

Designed by
The Minuteman Longwood Digital Agency

Pegasus Insurance Branding

Pegasus is an insurance company for auto, home, business, and mobile homes in Longwood, Florida.

The Challenge

Pegasus Insurance Agency came to Minuteman Press Longwood with branding request. The insurance agency was looking for great branding solutions to improve their visibility, present their company, and attract new clients.

Before coming to see us, Pegasus did not have any basic branding materials including logo, business card, and building sign. The company was looking for a professional and personalized branding solutions to attract high-end audience to their growing agency.

Solution: Brand Transformation

Since the company did not have anything, our designers created the logo that matches the agency’s name and vision. Our graphic designers and print experts worked together to create a professional logo, business cards, and creative company sign. Our experienced team worked on the following things to improve Pegasus visibility:

  1. Designed a professional logo to complement the agency name and vision.
  2. Created business cards using clean designs to fit the company goals.
  3. Created a max metal sign to go outside their building to improve visibility.

The main goal was to create a professional logo and business cards to improve agency exposure while targeting high-end clients to the business

Logo Design

We worked with the client to create a perfect logo which represents what the Pegasus Insurance stands for. Our designers incorporated a clear image and name for customers to easily understand and remember.

Business Card Design

We wanted to create a professional business cards to improve the agency exposure while targeting high-end clients to the business.


The owner was very impressed with the designs, creativity, and dedication our graphic designers and print experts provided. The logo highlights their professionalism and the agency name while the outstanding business cards highlight the services. The agency was very excited about the new brand that they asked Minuteman Press Longwood to create a company sign for their building. The new brand has improved company visibility and attracted new clients to the business.