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Graphic Design & Logo Design

A well designed piece is important: the cost of printing an excellent message is the same as printing a mediocre message. So why not invest a little more for a professional, appealing design that best represents your image across all media.

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Brand New?

Starting with a logo, our design professionals design a corporate identity for your business that will create a consistent look and feel among all your marketing and business communications materials that appear polished and professional. We also help your business with custom services that will make sure you have all of the elements of your brand’s identity effectively in place.

Expand Your Brand

We help your business with custom services that will make sure you have all of the elements of your brand’s identity effectively in place. Using color, photos, charts and illustrations, as well as your ideas, we create posters, banners, postcards, flyers, newsletters, brochures, manuals, catalogs, and booklets that demand attention.

Clean Up Your Brand

In addition to designing from scratch, we touch-up or revise your art. Just bring us your files on nearly any storage medium and tell us what you want. We print it, or revise it, and change the layout or graphics. If your art is ready to print, we will check your file to ensure it prints optimally.We will never send anything to print without your approval along with Minuteman Stamp of Approval.

Digital Asset Management

Companies often invest more in digital assets than they think.  Yet many times they are unable to easily locate their company’s logo or other digital files in the correct format.  We provide a digital asset management service for our customers by keeping all of their digital assets archived and easily available in whatever format is necessary, whether for signs, wearables or printing.

Visit our facility and you will be greeted warmly with personalized attention that you deserve as we work with you to create, enhance, and reinforce your brand identity. We will gladly design and produce custom orders of any kind, and your brand will shine through on everything we do.


Infographics have skyrocketed in popularity because they are visually powerful representations of your brand online that are extremely shareable on social media. Don’t miss out!

Infographics have become the Internet darlings of the blogging, marketing, and social media landscapes. The reason that infographics are so popular is because they are the perfect combination of design and text that help your business brand identity and messaging stand out in an online world where infusing visually appealing multimedia has become just as important as written content. Journalists, bloggers, content writers and marketing professionals alike have incorporated infographics into their strategies, and this has resulted in an infographic design and sharing boom.

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